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Brand: Benevo
Pawtato Blueberry Sticks are made with nutritious sweet potato and rice sticks with a blueberry filling. Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society Approved. ★ Launched in 2015 ★ No GM Ingredients ★ Gluten-free ★ Organically Grown Sweet Potato ★ Soya-free Recipe ★ Only Natural Colours and Flav..
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Brand: Benevo
Benevo Puppy is a nutritionally complete and balanced food formulated for growing pups.   The first complete vegan puppy food made in the UK, Benevo Puppy has added calcium, vitamins and minerals to meet the pup’s growing needs. Wheat-free recipe with added prebiotic to help digestion ..
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Brand: Benevo
Benevo adult cat is a nutritionally complete and balanced vegan food for adult cats. Launched in 2005 it features a completely animal-free recipe with no gm ingredients, artificial flavours or colours. It contains a non-animal source of taurine, omega 3 & 6, added nutritional spirulina, a prebio..
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Brand: Benevo
Benevo Grain-Free Vegetable Feast With Mixed Herbs is a unique, high quality wet food ideal for those owners looking to avoid grains in their dogs diet. It’s nutritionally complete, with Rosemary & Tomato to provide natural Antioxidants, Seaweed provides a natural source of essential vitamins a..
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Brand: Benevo
Pawtato turmeric & chicory root tubes are vegan dog chews made with highly nutritious sweet potato and rice, infused with turmeric and chicory root, both known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Wheat-free, meat-free recipe with no gm ingredients, artificial flavours or colours Appr..
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Brand: Benevo
Benevo’s Pawtato Knots are made with 87% sweet potato, a natural super-food, full of nutrients. These knot shaped chews are a great hypoallergenic alternative to rawhide. Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society Approved. ★ Launched in 2015 ★ No GM Ingredients ★ Organically Grown Sweet..
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Brand: Benevo
Made from a sustainable and eco-friendly cornstarch base, these certified compostable poop bags are literally as green as you can get! Unlike most plastic bags which are fossil based and don’t degrade and degradable bags which fall apart into million of particles in the soil, these biodegradable poo..
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Brand: Benevo
Benevo Duo is a premium moist dog food, made with fresh market ingredients. Formulated with potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes and berries with brown rice to make a tasty and nutritious meal. Blueberries, cranberries and ascorbic acid promote healthy pH levels in urine. Supplemented with veg..
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Brand: Benevo
Benevo Adult Original Dog Food 15kg. Benevo Dog features a special wheat free recipe, making it ideal for those dogs that suffer from sensitivities to wheat protein (a common ingredient in dry dog foods). The rich, naturally vegetarian ingredients combined with the aroma of brewers yeast ensures a v..
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Brand: Benevo
Benevo Dog Adult Original is a nutritionally complete and balanced vegan adult dog food made since 2005 and now with added Taurine and L-Carnitine, the first of it’s kind. Made in the UK, Benevo Adult Original dog food features a wheat-free formulation with a powerful 27% protein, a..
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Brand: Benevo
Benevo® Rumble Strips are soft chewy vegan strips with an appetising aroma. Ideal for a reward or a conditioner. Can easily be torn or cut into smaller pieces.Formulated without meat, fish, dairy, eggs or soya. Only 3.5% fat but rich in taste! Pack of 20 Rumble Strips with resealable label. Strip si..
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