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Almighty Foods

We wanted to make a chocolate that really emphasised the true beauty and complexity of the coconut, so we created the double coconut cream. Made with just coconut and cacao, this one is super simple but highly effective.Flavour notes of delicate coconut, coupled with the rich aromatic and fr..
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CBD Chocolate, yes you heard us! Perhaps the first of its kind in Europe. For us, this is but the first of many in a series of products that pay homage to the wonder that is the hemp plant! Raw CBD concentrate, infused with our 68% dark Peruvian chocolate. Each bar contains 10mg of CBD. The CBD t..
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Cashew Caramello is a caramel like spread made from cashews, dried coconut flesh and coconut nectar. It's stoneground to a silky smooth texture. Certified organic with the Soil Association Ethical Vegan & paleo friendly Free from: soy, dairy, refined sugars Non GMO Cold pres..
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This luxuriously rich coconut & sprouted hazelnut butter sure is almighty. Its velvety smooth texture is created by grinding dried coconut flesh, soaked and sprouted hazelnuts, coconut & raw cacao powder together. It's decadent flavour is the ultimate yum! Certified organic with the..
Ex Tax:£5.99
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