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Happy World Vegan Month 💚🌱


Brand: Isabels
These crisp, golden-brown Yorkshire puddings quick and easy to make, and a delicious addition to your Sunday roast. And forget about having to make another batch for non-coeliacs – these gluten free Yorkshire puds are delicious for everyone. This is a 100g sachet. Vegan & Vegetarian Free..
Ex Tax:ÂŁ2.95
Brand: Isabels
Easy to make, great for dipping, or fill with your favourite flavour. Also makes ring donuts. Dip or fill the mini donuts with jam or chocolate, or top ring donuts with icing and coloured sprinkles. Needs an egg replacement. 100g Vegetarian and Vegan Free From: Dairy, egg, lactose, gluten, s..
Ex Tax:ÂŁ2.15
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