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Brand: Impulse Foods
Tempeh is an ideal mainstay of a non-meat diet. Organic tempeh (pronounced Tem-pay) is made by incubating cooked soya beans with the Rhizopus Oligosporus culture. This culturing process breaks down the beans making them easier to digest. A traditional Indonesian food which contains amino acids essen..
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Brand: Candy Kittens
Meet our newest flavour, Tropical Mango! Escape the daily grind for a moment of pure paradise. Made using the finest ingredients Vegan and gluten free Made with natural flavours, colours and real fruit juices Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar modified starch, 10% mango juice from ..
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Brand: Kettle Chips
Created with Bosh!, experts in plant-based deliciousness. Made with award winning Bute Island Red Leicester Sheese for a realistic 'cheese' and onion taste. Hand cooked in small batches to guarantee a great crunch every time.VeganFree from dairy, gluten, lactoseAbsolutely nothing artificialIngredien..
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New Mallow Out Bar is a creamy Vanilla Marshmallow Bar shaped, smoothly wrapped and finished in Moo Free Dark chocolate. Full of Mallowy Melt in the Mouthiness. Vegan Free from dairy, egg, lactose, gluten, gelatine, nuts, soy No artificial colours or flavours Ingredients: Dark chocol..
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New Mallow Out Bar is a Strawberry Fresh Marshmallow bar shaped smoothly and wrapped and finished in Moo Free Dark chocolate. Full of Mallowy Melt in the Mouthiness. Vegan Free from dairy, egg, lactose, gluten, gelatine, nuts, soy No artificial colours or flavours Ingredients: Dark..
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The UK's first frozen Vegan pizza company now has a gluten free option! Hand stretched artisan pizza with a gluten free & dairy free base, homemade tomato sauce, mature cheddar & red cheddar style Cheezly, Buffalo tomatoes, topped with mozzarella style Cheezly.Vegan Society Approved..
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Brand: Mallow Puffs
Super-puffy vegan marshmallows dunked in UTZ certified Belgian dark chocolate. Bite-sized & conveniently packed in resealable sharing pouches. These yummy raspberry mallows are the perfect snacking treat! VeganFree from: dairy, gluten, egg, nuts, tree nutsNo artificial flavo..
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Brand: This
This is plant-based food for meat lovers. They have produced what are possibly the most realistic meat-alternatives in the world. This was created by two ex-burger chain founders who used their in-depth knowledge and love of meat to replicate it in texture, appearance and taste without any ..
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Brand: BetterYou
BetterYou DLux 1000 Vegan Vitamin D Oral Spray is a pure and simple formulation using Vitamin D3V¬ģ, a 100% plant-origin vitamin D3, designed to maintain vitamin D levels. Each spray delivers 1000IU (25őľg) of vitamin DA pure and simple vegan formulation100% plant-origin vitamin D3Palm-free coconut..
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The new vegan meat substitute. Banana blossom (also known as banana flower or banana hearts) is comprised of tear shaped flowers found at the end of the banana fruit cluster. When battered and fried the colour and texture bears a striking resemblance to fish. They can be eaten raw or cooked and can ..
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Brand: Applewood
Applewood¬ģ Vegan is a dairy free cheese alternative that shares the same smooth creamy texture & smoky taste of traditional Applewood. A delicious smoky flavoured vegan cheese alternative, with added calcium and vitamin B12.It is the innovative result of a collaboration between Applewood¬ģ, ..
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Brand: BetterYou
BetterYou Vegan Health Spray contains a combination of nutrients scientifically formulated to support vegan health, including vegan D3, vitamin B12, iron and iodine. The formulation provides fast, effective absorption of nutrients typically underrepresented in vegan and vegetarian diets. ..
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