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Brand: Violife
All the great flavour of regular Violife Mozzarella and designed for melting and cooking. NEW resealable packaging Vegan society approvedPKU Friendly Free from: Dairy, Soya, Gluten, Lactose, Nuts, Preservatives, Palm Oil Designed For cooking & melting - Use a lower temperat..
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Brand: Koko
Creamy dairy free alternative to soft cheese made with coconut and added calcium and vitamins. It is fantastic on toast and bagels, in sauces and it makes a great pizza topping as it spreads nicely when heated. Great for spreading and cooking Free from dairy, soya, lactose, gluten and nuts ..
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This vegan alternative to smoked cheese is a must have, with a smooth but firm texture and deliciously smoky flavour, it tastes fantastic cold, straight out the pack. Super melty too, it can be used in toasties, on enchiladas, burgers, pizzas and anywhere you see fit. Free from: Milk, Dairy, S..
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Brand: Green Vie
Let this delicious mozzarella flavour cheese melt on your pizza, and enjoy every bite of it!     Free from: Palm Oil, GMO, Dairy, Soya, Gluten, Lactose     Enriched with B12     with Coconut Oil     Vegan society approved I..
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Tyne Chease Soft Macadamia Block Artisan Organic Cultured Vegan Cheese - 150g
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Brand: Tyne Chease
The clean white appeal of our cultured raw Soft Macadamia chease provides a rich flavor and distinctive texture ‚Äď perfect for those moments when a little pure luxury is required. Vegan & Vegetarian Free From: Dairy, Lactose, Soya, Gluten Organic, Plant Based, Raw. Handmade Locally in..
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Brand: Violife
Violife Vegan & Dairy Free Cheddar Cheese Block A traditional cheddar flavour that the whole family will enjoy! Try it with macaroni, sprinkled on pasta, grated on a baked potato or simply on its own. It‚Äôs versatile and delicious. NEW resealable packaging Vegan society approved F..
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Follow Your Heart Medium Cheddar Style Slices - 200g Warning: this cheese will redefine your expectations of vegan cheese! This vegan medium cheddar style cheese has a mild flavour and a creamy texture that kids love, with none of the artificial ingredients. Use this cheese for the perfect grille..
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Brand: Violife
Violife Smoked Flavour Vegan Cheese is great for melting, cooking and eating by itself. Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant BasedPKU Friendly Free From: Dairy, Lactose, Soya, Gluten, Preservatives, Palm Oil Vegan Society Registered Designed For Cooking & Melting - Use a lower temperature for lo..
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Brand: Violife
Following on from the hugely popular Violife Chicken Flavour Slices, Violife have now released Turkey and Ham flavour slices too. These gluten free, low protein slices are perfect for sandwiches, kids lunchboxes, toasties or just eating on their own! Can be served hot or cold. NEW re..
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Brand: Green Vie
A sharp, nutty taste which will complete any pasta, salads or risotto! Bellissimo!     Free from: Palm Oil, GMO, Dairy, Soya, Gluten, Lactose     Enriched with B12     with Coconut Oil     Vegan society approved Ingredients: Wa..
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Brand: Green Vie
Let this tasty cheese melt on top of burgers, in wraps and sandwiches and let your taste buds be spoilt by its dairy-free melty unique-ness! Free from: Palm Oil, GMO, Dairy, Soya, Gluten, Lactose Enriched with B12 with Coconut Oil Vegan society approved   Ingr..
Ex Tax:£2.35
The Blue Sheese goes so well with fruits like pears & old English apples such as Russets and Granny Smiths, but it will also add a new flavour twist to all your meals. Lots of American recipes actually use Blue: for salad dressings, vinaigrettes, dips, in potato cakes or shaved into salads (acco..
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