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Brand: Clearspot
Sizzling Lincolnshire tofu sausages, made with original tofu and flavoursome sag. Using only organic ingredients, our tasty Lincolnshire tofu sausages are perfect in a toad in the hole, cassoulet or just with mash. OrganicVegan Society ApprovedFree from dairy, wheat and glutenIngredients: To..
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Love Seitan Facon Bacon Rashers 150g
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Brand: Love Seitan
Deliciously smokey, vegan bacon rashers that are best lightly fried in a little oil. Serve with tofu scramble for a traditional breakfast treat or with lettuce and tomato for a satisfying, healthy, meat-free BLT.Facon Bacon is a versatile ingredient in any recipe as a plant based alternative. ..
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Applewood Smoky Vegan Cheese Slices 200g
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Brand: Applewood
Applewood¬ģ Vegan is a dairy free cheese alternative that shares the same smooth creamy texture & smoky taste of traditional Applewood. A delicious smoky flavoured vegan cheese alternative, with added calcium and vitamin B12. Now in slices - great for burgers, sandwiches and toasties.It is th..
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Vegan Cartel London Vegan Bacon Rashers 80g Vegan Cartel London Vegan Bacon Rashers 80g
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This plant based bacon is a result of months of experimenting with a different combinations of ingridients in order to find the perfect recipe. Rich in Protein, B12, Love and Magic. Will deffinitely destroy your cravings and make your body and soul feel good!HandmadeVeganProtein packedSource of B12 ..
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Veggyness Organic Vegan Chorizo Slices 80g
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Brand: Veggyness
The vegan Chorizo slices are solid, savoury, full-bodied and air-dried. Just perfect for a savoury bread topping, for pizza or Spanish tapas!OrganicVegan Ingredients: seitan* (water, WHEAT protein*) 78%, coconut fat*, onion*, yeast extract*, SOY sauce* (water, SOYbeans*, sea salt), red bell peppe..
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VBites Original Red Cheddar Style Cheezly Block 190g
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Brand: VBites
Bringing innovation to a true British classic, this is the veganised red cheddar. Just as with classic Red Leicester blends, we use annatto to bring about a distinctive red colouring, honouring the heritage of this fantastic food. As with typical Red Leicester, this is a versatile cheese tha..
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Brand: Impulse Foods
Tempeh is an ideal mainstay of a non-meat diet. Organic tempeh (pronounced Tem-pay) is made by incubating cooked soya beans with the Rhizopus Oligosporus culture. This culturing process breaks down the beans making them easier to digest. A traditional Indonesian food which contains amino acids essen..
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Brand: Clearspot
Organic Smoked Tofu Sausages made with our Smoked Tofu that is made with 100% organic soya beans, naturally smoked using beechwood chips for a delicate texture and fulsome flavour. OrganicVegan Society ApprovedFree from dairy, wheat and glutenIngredients: Tofu (30%) (water, soya beans*,..
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The Cultured Collective Kimchi White Miso & Turmeric 250g
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Fragrant, bold and packing a punch with stacks of ginger, garlic and smoky Korean hot pepper flakes. A sweet white miso paste gives this kimchi subtle umami flavours which add to the characteristic kimchi ‚Äėtang‚Äô. The Wellness Warrior's kimchi of choice, we‚Äôve also added turmeric (a natural anti-infl..
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Brand: Clearspot
Sizzling spicy tomato tofu sausages made with Clearspot's original tofu and plenty of spice. Locally produced with 100% organic soya beans. Try these bangers in a classic fry up, a sausage casserole or just enjoy in a delicious sausage sandwich. OrganicVegan Society ApprovedFree from dair..
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Brand: This
This is plant-based food for meat lovers. They have produced what are possibly the most realistic meat-alternatives in the world. This was created by two ex-burger chain founders who used their in-depth knowledge and love of meat to replicate it in texture, appearance and taste without any ..
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Bute Island Sheese Mature Cheddar Style Block 200g
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The incredible texture of our new Mature Cheddar style Sheese is even better than before. Every bite melts on your tongue to release an outstanding taste. It also melts in a jiffy when cooked or grilled on toast for instance. Mature Cheddar style Sheese is the perfect choice for all sorts of savoury..
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