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Chocolate Bars - Small

All of our chocolate bars and sweets are suitable for vegans and are dairy and lactose free.

Loving Earth Organic Lemon Caramel Chocolate - 30g
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Brand: Loving Earth
This Lemon Caramel Chocolate is made with Amazonico Criollo, single origin Certified Organic Fair Trade Virgin Cacao butter (36%) from Satipo, Peru, creamy raw cashews infused with lemon essential oil and sweetened with Organic Evaporated Coconut Nectar, our chocolate is made in Melbourne. ..
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Happy Benjamino Coco Mylk Raw Cacao Chocolate Bar 25g *BBE 03/08/19*
New -50 %
Please note this product is best before 03/08/2019.I am raw chocolate, full of goodness, combined with coconut milk ‚Äď a taste of heaven on Earth.An organic vegan chocolate from raw cacao beans with coconut milk. Vegan Organic Free from dairy, gluten, wheatFair cacao Ingredients: raw..
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We wanted to make a chocolate that really emphasised the true beauty and complexity of the coconut, so we created the double coconut cream. Made with just coconut and cacao, this one is super simple but highly effective.Flavour notes of delicate coconut, coupled with the rich aromatic and fr..
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Brand: Jeavons
Two long fingers of nutty naughtiness! Chocolatey fingers packed with roasted peanuts in creamy soft chewy toffee, smothered in a dairy-free alternative to 'milk' chocolate. Each pack of 2 fingers weighs 70g. Vegan Free From: Dairy, Lactose, GlutenLovingly handmade by vegan company Jeavons in Br..
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Brand: Jeavons
A soft chewy toffee enrobed in our dairy-free alternative to 'milk' chocolate. Bigger, tastier, and naughtier than they should be ‚Äď this is decadent bliss that'll take you to seventh heaven. Each pack of 7 delights weighs 75g. Vegan Free From: Dairy, Lactose, GlutenLovingly handmade by vegan com..
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Brand: Jeavons
Crispy puffed rice smothered in soft chewy creamy toffee, all covered in dairy-free 'milky' chocolate. A seriously yummy, crispy chewy bar! Each bar weighs 55g. Vegan Free From: Dairy, LactoseLovingly handmade by vegan company Jeavons in Brighton Ingredients: Dairy-free chocolate, sugar, glucos..
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Brand: LoveRaw
Our LoveRaw Butter Cups need no introduction, but we will anyway : ) This is our take on a classic vegan salted caramel flavour. Using creamy almonds and coconuts with a pinch of sea salt…mmmmm. This bad boy is vegan, gluten and refined sugar-free. But not fun-free, because the moreish taste..
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Brand: Pernigotti
These are a piece of heaven and the perfect size bar for a sweet treat or a lunch box. A rich smooth, creamy chocolate surrounds two whole roasted hazelnuts. Little bites of heaven this super chunky bar hits the spot every time Vegetarian and Vegan  Free from dairy, egg, gluten Ing..
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Brand: Moo Free
Each of the cute Choccy Chums packs contains a surprise. Inside you will find a tasty dairy free and vegan chocolate square in the shape of one of the Moo Free animals. But, you won't know which dairy free chocolate animal you have hiding in your Choccy Chum until you open it. How exciting i..
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Brand: Vego
The brand Vego is usually known for its brilliant Italian hazelnut chocolate couverture. But their new White Almond Bliss bar is in no way inferior to its darker siblings! Based on purely organic cocoa butter with a fine sweetness and delicious crunchy almond pieces. Self-confidently wr..
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CBD Chocolate, yes you heard us! Perhaps the first of its kind in Europe. For us, this is but the first of many in a series of products that pay homage to the wonder that is the hemp plant! Raw CBD concentrate, infused with our 68% dark Peruvian chocolate. Each bar contains 10mg of CBD. The CBD t..
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Beech's Fine Chocolates Dark Chocolate Bar 60g
-50 %
Beechs Fine Chocolates Luxury Dark Chocolate Bars are lovingly made using only rich and smooth dark chocolate. Nothing less than divine. Vegan Gluten free, dairy free, lactose free Only natural ingredients   Ingredients: Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emuls..
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