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Orgran Beetroot Wafer Crackers 100g *BBE 27/05/21*
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Brand: Orgran
Please note this product is best before 27/05/21.Deliciously light and crunchy, these Wafer Crackers make the ideal entertainer for a delightfully lighter snack. Together with the added goodness of Beetroot, these tummy loving, FODMAP friendly vessels are made to be tastily topped, and enjoyed..
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The Peach Paradise started off as a project to create “Peach Melba”. After numerous trials and detailed tastings we achieved the right balance of peach, and a subtle fade of “melba”. It was truly delicious . Then we had to name it. There was no alcohol in the flavour so rather than a cocktai..
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Jungle Orange is a brilliant, vibrant, tangy and juicy Orange flavour, based on natural Brazilian Orange oil. Our aim was to enhance the taste of our existing orange fondants and this new flavour hits all those notes. Sweeter than the sharp tasting oranges of Seville, It is a stronger, juici..
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The Tropical Coconut was one of the trickier ones to perfect, but after many combinations of sweetness relative to flavour and chocolate, we achieved the delicate flavour of freshly cut coconut and an equal flavour of chocolate. As the chocolate melts in the mouth, the succulent fondant insi..
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The English Peppermint Fondants are made using the finest fondant and dark chocolate and our favourite UK grown Peppermint oil, from a farm in Southern England. The smooth dark chocolate and fondant melts on the tongue to fill your mouth with a pleasantly natural peppermint flavour. The puri..
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Vegusto No-Moo Fondue Duo Cheese Alternative 2 x 200g Vegusto No-Moo Fondue Duo Cheese Alternative 2 x 200g
Brand: Vegusto
Few things bring people together like sharing a meal around a fondue pot. Vegusto makes it very easy for you by enjoying the convenience of pre-packaged vegan fondue. You simply cut open the packet and slip the contents into a stove pot, an electric or sterno fondue pot, or even a bowl in the microw..
Ex Tax:£9.99
Crackd The No-Egg Egg Replacer 490g
This great Crackd creation will have you whipping up pancakes, cookies, frittatas, quiches, muffins, and more! Oh, and we can’t forget the Sunday Roast Yorkshires… or the big breakfast scramble! Every bottle of The No-Egg Egg boasts the equivalent of a whopping 8 eggs, so a little goes a long way.We..
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Organic Moisturising Lotion contains a specific blend of organic ingredients that soothe and balance little ones who are hectic and restless. Fused to support children, who are feeling impatient, irritable or frustrated.Simply Gentle believe that it is every persons duty to treat our planet with res..
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Blackthorn Salt is for those who value the past and look to the future. Using centuries of tradition combined with modern knowledge, Blackthorn create natural, sustainable and flavoursome salt crystals for your table.Blackthorn use a natural, traditional and sustainable technique where sea water is ..
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Brand: Buttermilk
Rich and creamy dairy free chocolate cups filled with scrumptious coconut caramel and sea salt.Surprisingly our indulgently creamy chocolate is actually dairy free! What's more it's packed full of tasty natural ingredients, so you can treat yourself to a wonderfully moreish, gooey, velvety, ch..
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Buttermilk Choccy Peanutsters 100g
Out Of Stock
Brand: Buttermilk
Buttermilk's smooth vegan milk chocolate afternative coated peanuts in a crunchy coloured shell. VeganDairy freeIn compostable plastic free packagingPalm oil freeNatural ingredientsMade in BritainIngredients: Peanuts (18%), Cocoa Butter, Rice Powder (Rice Syrup, Rice Starch, Rice Flour), Cocoa Mass,..
Ex Tax:£2.49
Brand: Caroboo
For all the coconut lovers out there - this one's for you! Take yourself off to a tropical paradise with every bar - melt it in your porridge, add some in your baking or just snack on it when you need a Caroboo hit!No refined sugarVeganGluten & dairy freePlastic free home compostable packagi..
Ex Tax:£1.41
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