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HYDROPHIL Sweet Herbs toothpaste with B12 contains fresh eucalyptus notes and delicious flavours of cloves and aniseed ensure that your breath stays fresh and your teeth receive natural care. The NCS seal for certified Natural Cosmetics guarantees that our toothpaste contains no micro-plastics..
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Hydrophil Toothpaste Tabs are ideal when you are on the road. You can conveniently take them with you on any trip. The Mint Lemon Teeth Cleaning Tabs without fluoride give you a fresh breath in the morning while the monk fruit plant extract provides a pleasant sweetness. Due to their natural i..
Ex Tax:£5.75
Brand: Moo Free
New by Moo Free, their signature vegan alternative to milk chocolate with orange oil and crunchy caramel pieces.Certified 100% veganFree from: dairy, gluten and soyaLovingly made by Moo Free who are an ethical, family-owned UK manufacturer Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa [32%] (cocoa butter, cocoa mass),..
Ex Tax:£1.49
Brand: Bio D
A versatile, vegan polish made from a blend of plant based wax and natural oils that can be used on natural wood around the home from furniture to banisters. Linseed oil in the formulation nourishes wood and protects against everyday use offering resistance against finger marks and spillages..
Ex Tax:£6.66
Scotch Bonnet Chilli paste made from Neema's family recipe from DRCongo. The Scotch Bonnet chilli has been slow cooked in olive and rapeseed oil for hours with onions, garlic and spring onions to give it its beautiful flavours. Scotch bonnet chilli has a sweet undertone so this paste taste fruit..
Ex Tax:£4.99
BIOMED® Superwhite with natural coconut oil and papain for gentle whitening of sensitive tooth enamel. Biomed Superwhite perfect to for everyday whitening. Free from: fluoride, chlorhexidine, triclosan and other strong antiseptics, SLS/SLES, parabens, aggressive whitening and abrasive compon..
Ex Tax:£2.46
Biomed well gum mouthwash - promotes healthy gums after 4 weeks of use. Five essential oils, eucalyptus, anise, cedar, clove and rosemary. Cleans the enamel from dental plaque. Helps to soothe the gums and protects against tooth decay. Helps to strengthen and to restore tooth enamel. Free fr..
Ex Tax:£3.83
Fava Beans, also known as Broad Beans, are one of the oldest domesticated food legumes dating back to the 4th Century. Mild and creamy in flavour, these beans are high in protein and fibre. This is Explore Cuisine's closest legume based pasta to traditional wheat pasta in taste, texture and ..
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Brand: Naturtint
This 5 piece reusable hair colour application kit is designed to assist your home hair colour application and enhance your colouring experience.Use to apply a full head colour, to touch up your roots or to better target resistant greys. Also perfect for blending 2 or more Naturtint shades to..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Brand: Sproud
Closest taste to semi-skim milk. Zero sugar, high protein and low in carbs. Perfect for Keto and low calorie diets. We developed a vegan alternative to milk that has a minimal carbon footprint. We are incredibly proud to present a vegan milk that’s good to you and to the environment, and it..
Ex Tax:£1.99
Brand: Roobar
Take your love of chocolate to the next level! Enjoy Roobar's delicious protein chocolate covered bars with whole almonds. The exceptional combination of rice & pea protein is completed with whole roasted almonds, cacao and hazelnut butter and cacao powder. OrganicVeganGluten fre..
Ex Tax:£1.13
Brand: Roobar
Cherries and Choco drops - delicate  taste wtih cherry aroma. The vegan proteins from brown rice and pea and the maca give power and nutritional value, while coconut chips finish this taste fest and turn it into a fiesta for the senses. OrganicVegan24% plant proteinGluten free..
Ex Tax:£1.08
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