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Searching for a delicious vegan mock meat that is full of goodness and actually tastes delicious? It's all good, you've found it...  with 'beef' style flavours, Quick Mix's "No Moo In 'Ere" Seitan quick mix has a deeper, more rounded flavour complimented by a satisfyingl..
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Looking for that perfect plant based meat replacement that is full of goodness and actually tastes delicious? You've found it... with 'chicken' style flavours, Quick Mix's "No Cluckin' Way" Seitan mock meat option has a light, tangy flavour with a juicy, satisfying bite. Each pack contains&n..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Brand: Biona
Bringing a little luxury to dishes, our silky coconut milk can be used in everything from aromatic curries to dairy-free ice cream. Use as a vegan cream substitute and pour straight into plain rice or chickpea dahls to add subtle sweetness, or try a little stirred into your morning smoothie ..
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For a tender, crisp crust, substitute semolina flour for some or all of the flour in bread recipes. Or alternatively roll out pizza crust with semolina flour to give it a crunchy exterior. To thicken soups, stews and gravies add a pinch at a time to the simmering liquid until the desired thi..
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Deliciously smooth and a real family favourite. Make this custard with your preferred milk (vegan is fine) and sweeten it with a sweetener of your choice. Prepare it on the hob or in the microwave. Great poured over a warm crumble and the perfect partner for our wobbly jelly.  VeganGluten..
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To use as a thickener first mix with cold water (or another cold liquid) to form a smooth paste, and add to cooking to stews and sauces. Best stored in an airtight container.Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Lactose Free, Gluten Free, OrganicPacked in biodegradeable/compostable packaging ..
Ex Tax:£2.99
Brand: Sunita
Sunita organic Sicilian fresh lemon juice is produced from high quality flavoursome lemons family farmed in the picturesque fruit fields of the Capo de Orlando region of Messina Province in Sicily, Italy. This region is famous for its large fruit fields.The lemons are left to ripen on the tree..
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Brand: Free and Easy
Free and Easy Coffee Cake is easy to prepare and utterly delicious. Simply mix the ingredients, pop them in the oven and enjoy a slice of this wonderful 'free from' treat. Simply add vegetable oil and water. A gluten and dairy free chocolate brownie mix made with teff flour and coconut blossom su..
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Greencity Vital Wheat Gluten, also known as seitan powder, is great as an aid for baking bread and also used to make mock meats, burgers and steaks. Now available in a 3kg bulk bag great for caterers or seitan worshippers. Vegan & Vegetarian Great for making mock meats Ingredients: ..
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Handy size Carob Drops. Ideal for handbags and giving as treats or just enjoy to yourself. Gluten and dairy free No added sugar Free from GM ingredients Produced in a nut free environment Ingredients:  Non-hydrogenated palm oil (sustainably sourced), Carob, Soya Powder, Emu..
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Brand: Suma
This coconut milk is a great pantry staple for anyone who loves exotic flavours. The coconuts we use come from a farming co-operative in Sri Lanka. The farming co-operative is involved with educational, youth and outreach projects to increase the skills and quality of life for their workers. Buying ..
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Brand: Suma
Enjoy chocolate in its purest form with Suma's organic cacao nibs. These nibs are simply unprocessed cocoa beans, ground into small pieces. They offer a healthy addition to your storecupboard as they are high in magnesium and potassium, which can support nervous system health, and are also a good so..
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