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Chocolate Bars - Small

All of our chocolate bars and sweets are suitable for vegans and are dairy and lactose free.

Playin Choc Endangered Animals Organic Chocolates 2 x 10g + Toy + Fun Fact Card *BBE 07/10/20*
New -50 %
Please note this product is best before 07/10/20.PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Box contains two individually wrapped, deliciously creamy, organic dairy free chocolates and a delightful cardboard toy to assemble. The toy is one of a series of 18 to collect and also comes with its own fun facts educationa..
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Tribe Nature Cherry Bakewell Protein Bar 46g *BBE 10/20*
New -50 %
Please noter this product is best before end Oct 2020.Tom, Guy and Rob - three old friends and runners - started TRIBE in 2015, frustrated with synthetic and sugar-filled energy products.They ran a 1000 mile run across Eastern Europe called Run for Love (which they completed in 30 days) to rai..
£0.99 £1.99
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Nairn's Gluten Free Baked Oat Flapjack Bar Cacao & Orange 40g *BBE 18/10/20*
New -49 %
Please note this product is best before 18th Oct 2020.The combination of chocolate and orange is always a winner. This bar really hits the spot when you’re in need of something that tastes a little bit naughty but a bar of chocolate is off limits. Perfect for on-the-go snacking, pre/..
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Brand: LoveRaw
Forget what you knew about vegan chocolate, these new Cre&m wafer bars show two fingers to the competition. A crunchy wafer loaded with a layer of fluffy vegan hazelnut cream and topped off with a generous coating of LoveRaw's iconic M:lk® chocolate. Two bars in each pack so you can get ..
Ex Tax:£1.33
Brand: Jeavons
It’s a Rabble, but it’s full of roasted hazelnuts instead of peanuts!Two chocolatey fingers packed with roasted hazelnuts in creamy soft chewy toffee, smothered in Jeavons dairy-free alternative to milk chocolate. Vegan Free From: Dairy, Lactose, GlutenLovingly handmade by vegan company Jeavon..
Ex Tax:£2.46
Brand: LoveRaw
Our vegan M:lk Choc Bars are GAME CHANGERS; this is our take on a vegan milk chocolate filled with delicious peanut butter- try it, we think you'll love it!Our legendary vegan chocolate peanut butter bars contain no artificial nonsense, no palm oil and no compromise.VeganFree from gluten, dairy,..
Ex Tax:£1.24
Brand: Rhythm 108
A creamy coconut centre covered in a dark Swiss Chocolate – made with organic ingredients and 45% less sugar compared to a regular chocolate candy bar. Indulgence re-invented for all of us that love wholesome ingredients, but don’t want to miss out on the fun! Free from: Dairy and Gluten..
Ex Tax:£1.29
Brand: Moo Free
Hammy's only gone and created an amazing dairy free, white chocolate bar. Yipeee! We don't know how she managed to make it taste so creamy without using any cream, but this free-from and vegan white chocolate bar tastes absolutely delicious. Get out of the way Milky Bar Kid because there is ..
Ex Tax:£0.58
Brand: Vegan Store
At last a proper vegan crunchie bar! A chunky honeycomb bar smoothered in a smooth, creamy milk chocolate alternative. Vegan Ingredients: Ingredients : Vegan honeycomb 71% (sugar, glucose syrup, bicarbonate of soda, rice flour, Alternative to Milk Chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butt..
Ex Tax:£1.24
Brand: Rhythm 108
Covered in Swiss dark chocolate and packed with crunchy amaranth and all natural rich orange flavour – made with organic ingredients and 45% less sugar compared to a regular chocolate candy bar. Indulgence re-invented for all of us that love wholesome ingredients, but don’t want to miss out ..
Ex Tax:£1.33
Brand: LoveRaw
Our newest member of the Butter Cup Gang, now with plenty to go around!  A chocolate cup with a gorgeous cookie dough style filling, this vegan delight is the hero you have been waiting for!This bad boy is vegan, gluten and refined sugar-free. But not fun-free, because the moreish taste w..
Ex Tax:£1.66
Hello there, I'm Tony's Chocoloney. I exist to end slavery in the chocolate industry. My mission is to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. Together with you. Together we'll make all chocolate 100% slave free. Are you in? Read the inside of the wrapper!This dark chocolate bar has got it all: ..
Ex Tax:£1.24
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