Vegan Store Essentials : Organic Pink Mountain Fine Himalayan Salt - 300g

Organic Pink Mountain Fine Himalayan Salt - 300g

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Organic Pink Mountain Fine Himalayan Salt - 300g

The Salt Seller - Fine Whole Mountain Pink Himalayan MountainSalt. Packed with natural vitamins and minerals and an easy way to make meals a little healthier. Simply milled and graded, with no additives, and containing a host of naturally occurring minerals, this is one of the finest organic table and cooking salts in the world - its flavour-enhancing quality gaining much acclaim in the catering scene, so why not try it for yourself?

20 reasons to use whole pink Himalayan food salt
The salt was deposited 100s of millions of years ago where an ocean dried up. The Himalayas subsequently formed and compressed it into its high grade crystalline form
The Salt Seller’s ‘SALISEL-98’ Pink Himalayan Salt for Horses has become a brand leader replacing refined salt lick products, so use your instincts and “follow that horse!”
Now developed by Lenni Smith, ‘the Salt Seller’, for the human food market: a premium, wholesome salt in striking and practical, eco-friendly packaging
The ‘whole’ minerals are in their natural state and easily assimilated into the body
Its high essential and trace mineral content match our bodies’ needs
The iron and trace minerals give the salt its distinctive ‘pink’ colour
Because it is ancient it is an unpolluted, pristine salt
The salt is 100% whole with no chemical additives
It is naturally free running, in Fine or Coarse grades
Simply milled and packed, so no extraneous manufacturing processes, or refining
Its taste is strong, but not caustic, so doesn’t crack the lips, but expands the palate!
Big salty taste, use less to stay within Recommended Daily Allowance
Gives dishes a more full and complex flavour, whether home-made or haute-cuisine
A premium product - priced to be accessible, at just over £2 for 300g Retail Price!
Top Chefs, Food Writers and Nutritionists regard this as a ‘Healthy, Gourmet Salt’
the Salt Seller calls this ‘Food Salt’ to differentiate it from ordinary table or cooking salt
‘Whole Mountain Salt’ differentiates this high grade salt from inferior ‘rock salts’
Use for food preparation or seasoning

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.


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