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Vegan cheese blocks, slices, grated and cream cheeses can be found in
 The Chilled Foods Section

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Free and Easy Vegan Cheese Sauce Mix - 130g
Free and Easy Gluten Free Cheese Sauce. The easy way to quickly make rich cheese flavour sauce witho..
Based on 9 reviews.
Lord of Tofu Philosophen Tofu - Feta Cheese Style with Herbs 170g
This delicious spiced tofu is similar to feta cheese.Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant Based Free fr..
Terra Vegane Easy Cheezy Vegan Cheese Sauce Mix - 150g
A fantastic creamy sauce that's perfect for nachos, pasta, pizza, creamy vegetable sauces, cauliflow..
Happy Nacho Mild Cheese Sauce 150g
An easy packet mix for making a very convincing rich, vegan cheese sauce mix, adding flavour to your..
Based on 2 reviews.
Happy Nacho Spicy Cheese Sauce Mix 150g
Spicy Cheese Sauce ideal for nachos, pasta, casseroles and macaroni. Dairy Free & Vegan.V..
Based on 2 reviews.
Terra Vegane Organic Parmi Topper Italian Herb 100g
A nutritious dairy free hard Italian cheese alternative with added Italian spice & herbs. G..
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