Sosmix - Vegan Sausage Mix - the original vegetarian sausage mix


Yes you can still buy original Sosmix. Sosmix is all vegan & dairy free. It now comes in great value bulk bags.

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Original Sosmix 1kg Bag - Vegan Sausage Mix
Yes! You can still  order Original Sosmix today! Impress your friends and family with many new..
Based on 155 reviews.
Original Sosmix 500g Bag - Vegan Sausage Mix
Yes you can still buy  Original Protoveg Sosmix - 100% Vegan ..
Based on 27 reviews.
Original Sosmix 5kg Catering Bag - Vegan Sausage Mix
Protoveg Sosmix 5 KG Bulk Trade Wholesale Catering Pack. GMO FREE. PLASE CONTACT US FOR EXCLUSIDE..
Based on 14 reviews.
Original Sosmix 10kg Catering Bag - Vegan Sausage Mix
Protoveg Sosmix 10 KG Bulk Wholesale Catering Pack. PLASE CONTACT US FOR EXCLUSIDE TRADE DISCO..
Based on 6 reviews.
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