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Vegan Tofu & Blocks. Brought to you as part of our vegan chilled and frozen delivery service. Choose your selection for delivery to your door.

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Bonsan Organic Breakfast Scramble 200g
Make mornings more delicious with Bonsan's Vegan Breakfast Scramble. Made from tofu and a subtle ble..
Bonsan Organic Kofu Grill Sausages 170g
Bonsan's plant-based Kofu Grill Sausages are made with fermented kombucha cultured tofu. Their firm ..
Clearspot Organic Original Tofu - 280g
Clearspot Organic Tofu is great for curries, stir fries and lots of everyday meals.Vegan, Veg..
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Clearspot Organic Smoked Tofu - 225g
Organic Smoked Tofu by Clearspot 225g.Naturally smoked using beechwood chips for a delicate flav..
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Taifun Japanese Style Organic Tofu Fillets 160g
Taifun have deliberately left this product subtly seasoned to underline the distinctive taste of tof..
Taifun Organic Black Forest Tofu - 200g
Taifun Black Forest Tofu can be enjoyed cold on bread, fried with vegetable dishes or chopped into c..
Taifun Organic Smoked Tofu 200g
A classic version of Smoked Tofu. Enjoy cold on bread or in a salad. Excellent pan-fried with vegeta..
Taifun Organic Smoked Tofu With Almonds and Sesame Seeds 200g
This version of Smoked Tofu gets its hearty-crispy taste from the roasted almonds and sesame seeds. ..
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Taifun Organic Tofu Cocktail Sausages 160g
Taifun Organic Tofu Cocktail-Sausages 160g. - Vegan Chilled Sausages that are ready to eat out of th..
Taifun Organic Tofu Fillets Pizza Pizza Style 160g
Bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and oregano are the prominent flavours in these Tofu Pizza Filets...
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Taifun Organic Tofu Grill Sausages - 250g
These Tofu Grill Sausages are particularly popular, and are best served fried or barbequedVeg..
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Taifun Organic Tofu-Wiener Frankfurters 300g
Taifun Organic Tofu Wiener 300g. - Vegan Chilled Sausages that are ready to eat out of the pack. Th..
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Taifun Rosso Tofu - Organic 200g
Tofu Rosso has a lovely mediterranean flavour due to its mix of tomatoes and herbs. Great on its own..
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Taifun Tofu Grill Herb Sausages - 250g
Organic vegan tofu grill sausages with delicious herbs. Great on the go cold as a quick snack...
Taifun Wild Garlic Organic Tofu Fillets 160g
A must for all those who love this wild vegetable. The fresh wild garlic gives these cutlets their u..
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