Turn your friends and family Veggie

Turn your friends and family Veggie

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How to turn your friends and family vegetarian or vegan?

We know its better for our health, better for the planet, better for the human race and most definately better for the animals.
BUT, the annoying thing is most of those close to us just don't get it, no matter how much we bang on about it.

The truth is, those closest to us will usually respond better to advice from stangers, than those closest to them. We can't change human nature but there are better ways of getting the message across.

Some years ago I came across a recording of Dr Joe Esposito talking about the 7 deadly sins of nutrition. Simply it explained what these foods did to the body and the problems they can cause.
Amazingly a friend listend to it while in my car and the very next day gave up meat, despite loving bacon sandwiches almost every day.
Since then I have come across dozens of people who have listened to Dr Joe and made major changes to thier diet.
Most state that it all makes sense and that they like the idea of trying it for 2 weeks and seeing the difference.

If your trying to educate friends and family there are two things we can do with the free info from Dr Joe.

The first is to play the first link while they are around you. Don't hype it up just let them listen to it and wait for the penny to drop.
Its quite gentle and kids love it. Usually people then come back and ask questions.

The second is to look at the list of audio downloads on specific health problems and simply give them a copy to listen to when they are ready.

From my own experience. Most people who listen to these radio shows start to repeat the info onto others.

The first link is
The Grossest Foods You Will Ever Eat.
Its a great starting point & kids just love it.

Right click on the link, save it to your pc, phone or MP3 player. You can also burn all of these to disc andf pass them on.

Secondly, here is a link to many hours of radio shows that cover almost everything to do with our health.
Sometimes a specific show will really hit home.

You can do alot more with these audio shows such as send them anonymously to friends, family, therapists etc. Curiosity always seems to get the better of them and they listen to them.
You can give them out at events and exhibitions or email links to them to everyone you know, use facebook, twitter etc.

It dosent work on everyone but almost everyone I have shared these with have started to think about the effects of eating meat and thier diet.

Once people start to understand this information, they make changes and they get it!


Have fun & please share any good feedback with us.


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