Vegan Resources

Vegan Resources

A healhy veggie diet is a big step in the right direction when it comes to health but many health professionals use a healthy vegan or plant based diet to fix many health issues.
Our bodies have a natural abilty to heal themselves but when we increase the natural vitamins, mineral and nutrients...

Life as a vegetarian or vegan should be fun, enjoyable, social and healthy.
One of the best things you can do is to make new friends and help each other by finding others, just like you, locally.

There are many vegetarian and vegan groups across the UK, filled with people just like you.

Learn to eat healthily – Get Vegucated in Bristol!
Students returning to their courses this autumn will not only be learning about their chosen studies - they will also get a chance to get ‘Vegucated’ on their eating habits with two free screenings planned in November for this...

How to turn your friends and family vegetarian or vegan?

We know its better for our health, better for the planet, better for the human race and most definately better for the animals.
BUT, the annoying thing is most of those close to us just don't get it, no matter how much we bang on about...

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