10 Easy ways to boost energy - for vegetarians, vegans

10 Easy ways to boost your energy - for vegetarians, vegans and everyone else.

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10 Easy ways to boost your energy - for vegetarians, vegans and everyone else.


1. Drink 2 Litres of filtered water per day.
Our bodies are mostly water and we need to replenish it with clean, fresh water every day.
Clean filtered water helps to flush toxins out of our system and helps everything else to work properly.


2 Avoid processed sugars and sweeteners.
Both of these take alot of processing by our system, which in turn takes away our energy.
If we are needing to make a choice, processed sugar is far better than any artificial sweetener, so avoid all those foods labelled sugar free, reduced sugar, low sugar etc.
Natural sugars found in fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds are good for us and essential as part of our diet. Enjoy these as much as you can.
We all need a treat now and then and a little processed sugar isn't that bad but don't go crazy.

Please bear in mind recent studies that show artificial sweeteners actually cause our bodies to gain weight at a much higher rate than processed sugars.


3 Up your vitamins and minerals, especially B12.
If you enjoy the perfect diet of mostly raw fruit and veg and avoid pollution, pesticides and alcohol then your probably don't need to supplement your diet.
For the rest of us its really important to obtain essential vitamins and minerals in an absorbable form on a daily bais.
Ensure you use a daily dose of a GOOD MULTIVITAMIN. Many are poor quality and go in and out of our system without any benefit.
Lack of vitamin B12 if often a major cause of poor energy but can lead to serious health issues in the future.
One of the fastest things we have seen for boosting energy is Engevita Nutritional Yeast Flakes with B12. These are packed with vitamins and minerals including B12. Simply use 2 to 4 tablespoons per day uncooked. Sprinkle nicely over food and salads but please remember cooking will kill off most of the nutrients.


4. Make your morning ritual a good one.
Most people don't do this and wonder why they feel tired all day. It is so very simple. Start the morning off with a glass of freshly made hot lemon tea. Squeeze half a lemon into a large glass. The half fill with cold filtered water and fill the other half with freshly boiled water. This really cleanses the body and also helps with weight loss.
Next we need to drink a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of organic Cider Apple Vinegar. This really boosts your digestive system and helps us to get more from the foods we eat. It is best to do this with your breakfast or first meal of the day. This can be done with every meal if you wish to really boost those energy levels.
Finally make a good fruit smoothie with some supergreens. Its best to make a good amount and sip on it all morning until lunch.
Avoid anything else in the morning unless is fresh fruit as fruit is so easy for the body to digest.


5. Exercise daily.
We are meant to move every day and exercise helps to clean toxins out of the body, boosts our mood and energy. Simple exercise like walking will do the trick for an hour every day but the more we do, the better we will feel quickly.

6. Eat smaller amounts more often.
Simply avoid overloading your plate by using a smaller one or a cereal bowl. Eat your meals and wait 20 mins. If your still hungry then have some more. It takes a 20 mins for the FULL signals from the stomach to arrive at the brain and we we start again before this we overload. Using this technique helps to reduced the amount we need to feel full and keeps us aware of how much we eat.

7. Change white to brown.
White breads, pasta and rice contain empty calories. This means we fill up on food with little nutritional value and boost our sugar levels, making us feel tired.
Whole wheat and rice contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals. They also slow down the digestive system and stop spikes of sugar.

8. Drink water when hungry.
Scientists have discovered that as we get older we lose the distinction between hunger and thirst signals. Try sipping water every time you feel hungry and often the hunger feeling goes away. If not then snack on fruits, nuts and seeds until meal times.

9. Increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.
We are biologically designed to eat fruit and veg and we need the enzymes and fibre to keep our systems working fine. Increasing the amount of raw foods also makes a big difference and we really need to be starting with 50% raw if we want to really increase energy.


10. Look after your mind.
The mind is very powerful and a key player in how we feel and energy levels. Try meditation for 15 mins a few times per day. Try yoga and mindfulness a few times a week. Join a mediation class. Also read something positive and inspiring every day.
Do something different every day. If you normal get a bus to work try walking part of the way. if you normally take one route to work, try another. Change your music, change your food, make new friends, read something new, wear a new colour etc. Its important to keep the mind fresh and it need our attention daily. Avoid doing the same things over and over as we can stuck in
a rut.


Let me know your thoughts on this & any results you experience

Mark - Alternative Stores

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