2016 Christmas Ordering Information

2016 Christmas Ordering Information

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To help you order the goods you need for the festive season we will post updates here on a regular basis.

Updated 23 11 2016

Please be aware that order levels are now very high.
Orders placed through the website will be processed faster than orders by phone.
Please place your order through the website where possible

Tyne Chease:
Last year Tyne Chease products sold out well before Christmas and many customers were dissapointed.
As this range is so popular now we are expecting stock to be gone by early Decemember.
If you would like to order Tyne Chease for this Christmas we suggest ordering it now and freezing it so you have it for Christmas Day. We are expecting record demands for Tyne Chease this year.
Tyne Chease products are now strictly pre-order only. The final date for Tyne Chease orders is the 29th November. We do suggest ordering as early as possible especially as demand is so high.

Ladies Vegan Boots:
As ever, as soon as the weather turns cooler demand for boots and shoes increases.
If you are buying these as a present you will need to give us about 2 weeks notice. As demand goes up the despatch time increases and can take upto 14 days at very busy periods.
Many of our Vegan Boot Lines are now hitting low stocks and shortly styles and sizes will go out of stock.

Sosmix & Vegan Burger Mix:
Both of these products are very popular in the run up to Christmas as so many of you use them for Christmas Day.
Sosmix always runs very low at the start of December and usually sells out mid December

Advent Calendars:
Every year we have the same issue as parents beg us for calendars at the start of December. The challenge is our suppliers run out of stock around mid November and once they are gone that is it.

Handmade Marshmallows.
These are a fresh product and come with a short shelf life. If you are ordering these for Christmas please add a note to the comments box at the end of the order process.
This may delay your order slightly to allow us to ensure your items are suitable

Chilled & Frozen Foods:
Again demand for these really rises in December. One of the problems we have with frozen foods is that the delivery network starts to get congested from mid November and we usually have to halt frozen deliveries once delivery starts to take more than 24 hours.
Chilled is usually ok for delivery although stock runs out fast with our suppliers. Some items are worth getting in early and freezing if suitable.

As always we suggest ordering early if you can to ensure you can have the items you need.

Further updates will be made shortly.



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