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Violife Original Vegan Cheese Slices
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Violife Original Vegan Cheese Slices

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Violife Original, dairy free vegan cheese slices 200g.  This vegan cheese really tastes like dairy cheese!
Violife is a firm textured cheese with a buttery flavour. It is really well suited for sandwiches, rolls, crackers or eating on its own. Its also great for melting and cooking. This vegan cheese is very like dairy cheese as it melts so nicely but perfect for so many uses.

100% Vegan 100% Lactose-Free 100% GMO-Free 100% Gluten-Free 100% Cholesterol-Free 100% Soy Free
Ingredients: Water, vegetable oil (23%), potato starch, stabiliser: modified plant starch, salt, emulsifying salt: natriumpolyphosphate, vegan flavouring, preserving agent: sorbic acid, colourant: beta-carotene, anti-caking agent: potato starch. Free from Palm Oil
Nutritional Content per 100g: Energy: 285/1190 (kcal/kj) Protein: 0G Fat: 23g. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Registered by the Vegan Society.
Please note: this product is sent out express delivery in a cool packet and needs to be placed in the fridge on delivery. Please ensure your order can be taken in on delivery.

Reviews / Comments
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"I love this cheese. Its the first one I tried and now I'm working my way through all the flavors. Great for sandwiches or straight from the pack."
Apr 01 2014, 21:21 PMby Tracey

"Excellent product, great tasting and useful to have it in slices, I also use the block chess - both are fantastic"
Feb 26 2014, 08:31 AMby Hazel

Violife Cheese Slices Original
"I always try vegan cheeses with trepidation as many aren't to my liking. When I tried these I was more than pleasantly surprised the texture smell and taste is fantastic. On a sandwich, on toast (they melt like a dream and go golden brown and bubbly just like cruel cheese) On a pizza to die for. I'm hooked"
Feb 23 2014, 12:50 PMby MICHELLE Hargreaves

First cheese toastie at 15 years old!!
"Like many other reviewers my son, Joe, aged 15 and 3 quarters, has the inherited metabolic condition called Phenylketonuria (PKU). This cheese was recommended by his dietician at BCH because it is protein free and I admit to being sceptical about it as there have been other cheese substitues offered previously which PKUs can have in very small amounts. This cheese is not like that - it is AWESOME!! Using toaster pockets Joe had a slice of cheese between two slices of protein-free bread and loved it. He was amazed to be eating a toastie for the first time ever and I was amazed how good it tasted - in that one meal he went on to have 3 more! The grated cheese on a pizza means he can go on an overnight school trip and the food he'll be having won't be vastly different from the others (a plain margherita pizza) something that makes such a difference to a teenager. I thought we might have trouble getting through it before the sell-by and was told it freezes well - I don't think it's going to last that long! Thank you x"
Nov 14 2013, 15:24 PMby Lynne Schofield

"just love this cheese,cant get enough of it as you can see by my orders!!"
Nov 05 2013, 12:09 PMby brian cook

You really need to try this
"You have no idea how happy I am to have found these cheese slices. Have been working towards going fully vegan for a while now and have tried as many cheese alternatives as I could - but they are pretty much all dire. And those that aren't awful are simply bland, like eating clay. In the end I just gave up eating cheese without any alternative, but have really missed it. Tried Violife's stuff as a last resort by ordering from this wonderful store. And THANK GOODNESS I did. Because this is a cheese alternative that actually tastes like cheese. Polished off the two packs I ordered last week and have just ordered four more. Even my kids love it and getting them to eat anything right now is tough. This is a bit gushing and sounds like I've been paid to go nuts over this product, but I'm just a very happy customer. Seriously, thank you Alternative Stores and the makers of Violife, you've made being a vegan a lot easier. ;)"
Oct 18 2013, 09:00 AMby Dan Hanks

"More fans of this cheese in this house! Again, like many of your other reviewers, my sons have a medical condition called Phenylketonuria, which means that they must follow a very strict, protein free diet. Until now, this has meant they haven't been able to eat cheese. Granted, some cheese substitutes are permitted in their diets, but all must be taken in small, carefully weighed quantities. This cheese, along with the Veganic Pizza Cheese, is the only cheese they can eat freely and you have no idea how much that means to people on such incredibly restricted diets. Patients with Phenylketonuria (PKU) miss out on a great deal, so to give them a taste of normality is something words simply cannot describe. This cheese really is the talk of the PKU world - we've waited a long time for it so you've made a lot of people very happy indeed! :) In addition to this, I think it's worth noting that the only members of our family with PKU/restricted diets are my boys. So the rest of us can eat whatever cheese we like. We've all agreed though, that, as there's so little difference between this and regular cheese, we'll all use this, for simplicity's sake. We won't miss normal cheese in the slightest. This really is good stuff."
Jul 24 2013, 23:14 PMby Anonymous

PKU suitable Cheese slices
"PKU suitable cheese slices, fab product, service snd delivery, regular customer from now on"
Jun 20 2013, 22:31 PMby Gary Gennard

"Delicious cheese. My son loves it now. You should try the grated cheese for home made pizza,macaroni cheese and lasagne."
Jun 17 2013, 06:53 AMby Essie

Comment: violife vegan cheese
"Excellent product, great taste, will definitely buy again."
Jun 14 2013, 23:46 PMby Laura

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